Evangelical Mission, outreach activity held in Honiara, Solomon Islands


Date Posted: October 27, 2022

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Part of the continuous efforts of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) in bringing the Good News to more people in the Solomon Islands, its local congregation in Ecclesiastical District of Australia West held an evangelical mission in its capital city Honiara on September 30, 2022; it was followed by a Care for Humanity event.

During the evangelical mission, Brother Edmark Velasco, a ministerial worker, assigned in Lae City, Papua New Guinea Group Worship Service (GWS), through his Bible-based preaching, disproved that salvation can be attained by simply having faith. He pointed out, based on the Bible, that faith must be coupled with works, that is, obedience to the command of the Lord Jesus Christ, foremost of which is join the true Church Of Christ.


Aftewards, Brother Velasco, together with the brethren-volunteers, distributed care packages containing basic necessities to the attendees.

“The Church Of Christ is so unique. And as I have observed, when the minister preaches, he does so from the Bible,” Elipas Palmer, one of the guest-recipients said. “And now that I have heard the truths about the Church Of Christ, I am planning to leave my religion and join in the Church Of Christ because I believe it will lead me to salvation.” — With reports from INC News Section