Evangelical missions in Maguindanao and Sarangani enlighten people


Date Posted: February 20, 2021

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Eager to fulfill God’s command written in the Bible to proclaim God’s message of salvation to many people, Church Of Christ members from the two ecclesiastical districts in Mindanao actively participated in a series of online evangelical missions in the beginning of February this year.

From February 1 to 9, brethren from the local congregations all over the Sarangani Ecclesiastical District united in the Church Administration’s campaign to further intensify the work of propagation.

They were grateful to see their guests, mostly relatives and friends, connected through videoconferencing from the confines of their homes to witness the preaching of biblical teachings led by the ministers and ministerial workers assigned in their respective local congregations.

Meanwhile, the Ecclesiastical District of Maguindanao held a weeklong online evangelical mission that started from February 1 until February 7.

Church members from all the local congregations in the district grabbed the opportunity to invite their workmates, schoolmates, and loved ones through their various social media accounts to witness the exposition of biblical teachings upheld in the Church.

On the appointed date and time, guests logged on through the link shared to them and listened attentively to the words of God preached by Brothers Generico Gamboa and Ricky Miñosa, district supervising minister and assistant district supervising minister, respectively.

The guests were enlightened to hear some of the basic teachings of the Church from the Holy Scriptures. Some of them have already expressed their desire to register as doctrinal instructees.

Meanwhile, brethren are hopeful that by God’s grace, the virtual evangelistic events held in their respective districts would bear abundant fruits. — With reports from INC News Section