Evangelical missions in Manitoba show no sign of slowing down


Date Posted: March 8, 2021

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Entering the fourth week of the month-long evangelical mission in the Manitoba Ecclesiastical District in Canada, brethren showed no signs of slowing down in inviting more people to listen to the Good News of salvation.

On February 21 and 24-27, 2021, guests, from the confines of their homes, witnessed through videoconferencing the preaching of God’s words taught by the respective resident ministers and ministerial workers assigned in every local congregation.

Teaching from the Bible, the ministers discussed the signs that the Day of Judgment is very near and the need for people to join the true Church Of Christ to be saved on that day.

With the help and mercy of God, brethren from this side of the world continue to fulfill this noble work so that more people will come to the knowledge of the truth about the Church Of Christ and the teachings it upholds. — With reports from INC News Section