Family fitness day brings together brethren in Northwest California


Date Posted: March 4, 2022

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“Family Fitness Day,” a Christian Family Organizations (CFO)-sponsored activity, brought together families from various local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Northwest California.

Held on February 13, 2022 at Pacifica Heights, it provided an avenue for families to come together for a day of fun and togetherness.

CFO district officers hosted the event.

“We haven’t seen one another in person in so long. So, I think being able to see one another face to face brings joy to all the brethren, most especially being around each other strengthens the love of the brotherhood,” remarked Jerika Hipolito from San Jose Congregation.


Before the kick-off of the various games lined up that day, the facilitators led the participants in warm-up exercises. Afterwards, individual and group games began. The games included rock-paper-scissor, redlight and greenlight game, tug-of-war, among others.

“I participated in the Red Light, Green Light and the Rock-Paper-Scissor games, and it was fun,” said Angela Peña, a CWS member from Burlingame Congregation.

Even Buklod members, like Cleve Collado, a Buklod member from Daly City Congregation, enjoyed the games. He said, “It’s fun because it’s more reliving childhood memories being able to do that again.”

“Today, we are spending time with our family. We are holding activities that will help us stay in shape, not only spiritually but also physically,” said Kyle Acuna, a CFO officer from Burlingame Congregation. — With reports from INC News Section