Film-showing enriches faith of couples in Beaconsfield


Date Posted: February 3, 2022

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A film-showing activity enriched the faith of the Buklod members in the Local Congregation of Beaconsfield, Quebec, Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa, Canada. On January 9, 2022, the couples watched as one Sa Aming Pagtanda (In Our Twilight Years), a film produced by  the Christian Era Broadcasting Service International, Inc. (CEBSI) for the drama anthology, Landas ng Buhay.

The film follows Erning and Lorna who, in their twilight years, were living separately from their three children, who by then had families of their own. When Lorna fell ill, Erning decided to pay a visit to their children only to find out that their two sons, focused as they were on material things, were not interested in caring for them. It was Esther, their daughter, a lowly cafeteria operator, who left the big city and moved to the province to care for them.


In the climax, it was revealed why Esther was not hesitant in her decision: as a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), she gives premium to obeying God’s commands, one of which is upholding filial love and respect. The film ends with her parents, now members of the Church Of Christ, too, verbalizing their earnest desire that their other children, and their respective families, be called as well into the true Church.

Buklod members from Beaconsfield said that they not only enjoyed watching the movie, it also made them think about making sure that their children grow up valuing spiritual things more than the things of the world.

Through the film showing activity, the married couples were able to spend quality time with each other and, more importantly, they were reminded of what truly matters in life. — With reports from INC News Section