Five districts in Asia hold KADIWA special gathering, Meet-and-Greet


Date Posted: February 27, 2021

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They may be thousands of miles apart but as true Christians, they’re always one at heart. Such are the KADIWA members from five ecclesiastical districts in Asia, namely Thailand, Malaysia, Sabah, Tokyo, and Nagoya, Japan. On February 21, 2021, they fostered friendship and showed their unity with the Church Administration by participating in a special gathering and online Meet-and-Greet.  

Respective district supervising ministers and district Christian Family Organizations (CFO) overseers and officers united in spearheading the event. The young members gathered at their respective houses of worship while others at the confines of their respective homes.

In the special gathering, Brother Willen Regalado, Thailand district supervising minister, shared inspiring words to the young members so that they will not fall into depression brought about by whatever problems and trials they face. He also reminded them about the importance of living a righteous way of life and upholding Christian values for them to all the more be safeguarded in the faith.

After the inspiring gathering, the Church members proceeded to the online Meet-and-Greet. They first enjoyed watching special performances by fellow KADIWA brethren. An online “Kumustahan Booth” was prepared for them afterwards. This gave them the opportunity to make new friends with their fellow young Christians from neighboring ecclesiastical districts. Online group games were also prepared for them.

Brother Willen Regalado said that KADIWA activities like these are used by the Church Administration as a vehicle to keep the focus of the young members in the works of the Lord, such as the intensified work of sharing the faith, launched by the Church Administration. He added, “That’s another way also of disengaging themselves from the evil works of this world. This is so important and timely because we are now drawing nearer to the day of our salvation.” — With reports from INC News Section