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Fulfilling an oath because of love for the Church

International Officers Day: Ciudad de Victoria, Bulacan, Philippines
April 9, 2019
Written by Mark Andro Milan

Bearing in mind that they took oath before the Lord God, Church officers devotedly fulfill their sacred task of taking care of the brethren even though they themselves may have problems of their own.

Deeply concerned for their spiritual well-being, the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, led the Church officers in a special worship service to God held at the Philippine Arena in Ciudad de Victoria, Bocaue, Bulacan in the Philippines on April 9, 2019. His preaching of God’s words was witnessed by other Church officers around the world through live video streaming.

Manchester, United Kingdom

Brother Eduardo Manalo reminded the Church officers of the very purpose why the Lord God appoints officers in His Church: to bring the Christians to maturity and prepare them for Christian service which will ultimately lead them to salvation. He encouraged all Church officers to continue proving their genuine love and concern for the Church by being always ready to make sacrifices in fulfilling their respective Church duties. What follows are some of the declarations of conviction from Church officers worldwide:


“I work around the brethren’s schedule for our visitation, so that they can receive the instructions from the Church Administration. If we accept and obey these instructions, we firmly believe that God will surely bless us. It is truly important to visit the brethren often as we lead them in prayer, knowing that we always face problems. In doing so, we never forget to thank the Almighty God for being with us everyday. Until the end, I shall imitate the Executive Minister in continuously providing counsel to the brethren.”

“Pagmamahal ko sa Diyos ang nagbubunsod sa akin sa pagtupad ko ng tungkulin. Nagsisikap akong makatupad, makadalaw kahit matanda na ako at may karamdaman. Nagpapasalamat ako sa Ama dahil pinagpapala Niya ako, maging ang pamilya ko. Ang pagmamalasakit sa mga kapatid ay tungkulin at paraan ng pagtanaw ko [ng utang na loob] sa lahat ng kabutihan ng Diyos sa akin. Kung hindi ako mahal ng Diyos, nasaan kaya ako nga­yon? May 38 taon na mula nang manumpa ako bilang diakonesa, at ang pangako ko sa Kaniya, hangga’t may buhay ako at la­kas, hindi ako titigil.”

“My love for God is what moves me to fulfill my Church duty. That is why even though I am old and have sickness, I strive to visit the brethren entrusted to me. I thank the Father for all His blessings to me and my family. Caring for the brethren is my way of showing my gratefulness to God for all His goodness to me. If it were not for God’s love, where would I be now? It has been 38 years since I took oath as a deaconess, and my promise to God is that I will continue to perform my Church duties as long as I have life and strength.”

Cebu City, Philippines

“We, the choir members, do our best not only in singing the hymns properly but also in conducting our lives righteously. I will never compromise my obligations in the choir. Whenever there would be choir rehearsals, extra practices, or performances for special events like evangelical missions, I immediately make the necessary adjustments so that I could perform my duty. This is my number one priority. Though I might be physically exhausted, it’s worth it because I know that all these are for God’s glory and for the benefit of His nation.”

“I firmly believe that the work we do for God is never in vain. I make time to help in taking care of my fellow youth because for me that is a blessing. Having KADIWA officers to help care for the youth is important because the youth are in that stage wherein they face many changes in life. There are big decisions that they need to make like after graduating from school, they need to find a job and establish a career before finding a partner in life. It is important to receive guidance from the Church Administration and also have fellow brethren for an understanding support group.”

Bangkaphi Thailand

« Accomplir mes tâches dans l’INC Media Bureau est assez exigeant. Après avoir mené des interviews, les transcrire prend plusieurs heures, puis viennent les corrections et le montage. Mais je sais que grâce à ça, nous sommes non seulement en mesure de reconnaître la conviction des frères et sœurs lors des interviews mais nous sommes également édifiés ensemble avec d’autres frères et sœurs qui les regardent. Je prie Dieu qu’Il puisse continuer à me donner les connaissances et les qualités dont j’ai besoin afin que je puisse continuer à obéir Sa volonté et à Le glorifier en menant une vie exemplaire. Ainsi, je suis toujours unie au but et à l’esprit de Son Administration. »

“Fulfilling my tasks in the INC Media Bureau is quite challenging. After conducting interviews, transcribing it would take many hours to complete. Then, there’s the reviewing and editing. But I know that through this, we are not only able to recognize the conviction of the brethren when we interview them, but we, together with other brethren who are able to watch the interviews, are edified as well. I pray to God that He continue to give me the knowledge and qualities I need, and that I may give glory to Him by living an exemplary life as I am always united with the aim and spirit of His Administration.”

“제가 교회 직분을 하는 것은 우리의 전능하신 하나님을 기쁘게 하시기 위해 하는 일이라는 것을 생각합니다. 저는 직분을 잘할 때마다 하나님이 진심으로 기뻐하신다는 것을 믿고 있습니다. 교회의 어린아이들은 나이가 들면서 교회 안에서 지켜지는 하나님의 가르침을 충실하게 따르는 법을 배울 수 있도록 어린 나이에 잘 훈련되고 가르쳐야 합니다.”

“I find joy in performing my Church duties because I know that God is truly pleased whenever I am able to fulfill them. The young Church members should be trained and taught well at a young age so that, as they grow old, they will continue to obey wholeheartedly God’s teachings being upheld in the Church.”

Kowloon, Hong Kong

“Bunsod ng aking pananampalataya sa Diyos at pag-ibig sa Iglesia, sinisikap kong matupad ang lahat ng aking tungkulin sa kabila ng maraming aktibidad sa paaralan. Mas ipinagpapauna kong tuparin ang aking tungkulin. Nawa ay pa­tuloy pa akong tulungan ng Ama na maging mabisang kasangkapan Niya sa paghimok sa mga kabataan na lalong magpakasigla sa mga aktibidad ng Iglesia.”

“Driven by my faith in God and love for the Church, I strive to fulfill my Church duties even though I am also busy with my studies. I always prioritize my Church obligations. May God continue to help me that I may be an effective instrument of His in motivating other youths to be all the more active in Church activities.”

“I strive to always prioritize my duties above other things because I want to offer to God my thanks and prove to Him that He is first in my heart. While God is giving me the strength and the privilege to serve Him, I want to take advantage of this. When the end comes, I want God to see and know that I have given it my all. As a deacon, God expects me to love and care for the Church even if it entails sacrifice. I’m thankful to Brother Eduardo V. Manalo. No matter the distance, regardless of any inconvenience or danger along the way, he makes sure that he is able to visit the brethren. On our part as Church officers, we need to love and have patience for the brethren like how the Church Administration loves and cares for the entirety of the Church.”

West Anchorage, Alaska

«Durante il mio giuramento, ho promesso a Dio che compierò pienamente il mio sacro dovere. So che Lui mi aiuta sempre quando compio il mio dovere anche se richiedono più tempo. Prego sempre a Lui di darmi la forza e la volontà che ho bisogno per adempiere il mio dovere.»

“During my oath-taking, I promised our Lord God that I would fulfill my sacred duty completely. I know He always helps me in the performance of my duty, which I perform even if it takes extra time. I always pray to Him to give me the will and strength that I need to fulfill my duty.”

“Ang tungkulin ko ay kasing halaga ng aking kahalalan. Kaya, handa akong magtanggi ng sarili. Naglalaan ako ng karagdagang oras upang mag-opisina dahil kasama ito sa sinumpaan kong tungkulin. Sinasampalatayanan ko na ang pagtupad ko ng aking tungkulin ay nagdudulot ng kasiglahan sa akin, nagpapatatag ng aking pananampalataya, at nagbubunga ng mga pagpapalang mula sa Ama para sa aking pamilya.”

“My Church duty is as equally important as my calling in the Church. That is why I am always ready to make sacrifices to fulfill my Church obligations. I spend additional hours in order to fulfill my duty in our local congregation’s secretariat because this is part of my oath to God. I firmly believe that fulfilling this God-given duty makes me more zealous, strengthens my faith, and brings God’s blessings to me and my family.”

Philippine Arena, Ciudad de Victoria, Philippines

« Entraîner et aider les jeunes de l’Église dans le développement et la pratique de la discipline chrétienne résultera en des serviteurs fidèles de Dieu et des enfants obéissants à leurs parents. Il est d’une grande importance que les enfants soient guidés, en choisissant leurs amis par exemple, une chose que je leur rappelle tout le temps de faire. Je les encourage à toujours participer dans les nombreuses activités de l’Église. Pour être un enseignant efficace au SAE (Service d’Adoration des Enfants), je donne l’exemple en pratiquant tous les commandements de Dieu que je leur transmets à mon tour par la suite. »

“Training the Church’s youth in Christian discipline will result in their being faithful servants of God and obedient children to their parents. It is a must that the children are guided, for example, in choosing their friends. On my part, I always remind them to do so. I always encourage them to participate in various Church activities. For me to be an effective CWS teacher, I set myself as an example to them by fulfilling all the commandments of God which, in turn, I impart to them.”

Buklod members are the ones setting an example for the future generations of the Church. We have the responsibility to lead Christian families in serving God by relaying to them reminders through prayer meetings. We all need to receive constant reminders to ensure that we remain active in doing our duties to God. I want to always glorify God and I know that I’m doing so when I dedicate myself to fulfilling the tasks He has entrusted to me.”

The Church officers do not mind the sacrifices that they may have to make as they do their best in fulfilling their duties. With faith constantly strengthened, they are always one with the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo Manalo, in taking care of the Church. 

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