Fun cycling activity gives brethren in Taipa a chance to relax, bond together


Date Posted: June 13, 2022

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Through the endeavors of the officers in the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) of the Local Congregation of Taipa, in the Ecclesiastical District of Macau, the brethren had an opportunity to bond together and relax through a fun cycling activity. It was held on May 15, 2022 and was participated by members of the Buklod, KADIWA, and Binhi.

The fun cycling activity was held at the Zona del Lazer de Marginal da Taipa—the leisure area on Taipa Waterfront in the Taipa Ocean Garden Seaside, Macau. The activity gave the brethren a chance to enjoy this scenic part of the city from where the Macau Peninsula and the Sai Van Bridge are visible and, more importantly, spend time with their fellow brethren and their family members.

“Many brethren in our congregation participated in the fun cycling activity, especially now that we had our day off. We spend time together with our family and friends by uniting with Church activities like this,” Marvin Franco, the head deacon, expressed.

“We are happy having this activity with the brethren. Everyone enjoyed biking around the park,” said Olivia Ramil, district multimedia officer. — With reports from INC News Section