German language tutorial brings together brethren from Austria and Poland


Date Posted: March 3, 2022

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A German language tutorial held via videoconferencing on February 13, 2022 brought together brethren from the Group Worship Services (GWS) of Steyr, Upper Austria and Wroclaw, Poland, all under the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe. German is one of the world’s major languages and is widely spoken in Europe.

Luningning Krückl, a Buklod member from Steyr GWS, led the language workshop. She taught the attendees basic German words and phrases such as greetings, polite expressions, nouns and pronouns, numbers, days of the week, seasons, and other expressions.

“My inspiration or motivation for this activity is that I can share my knowledge of the German language with my other sisters and brothers in faith who are interested in speaking it,” said Luningning who was glad to be given such an opportunity.

“This activity was fun,” exclaimed Melody Jones, a secretary from Steyr GWS. She added that she felt inspired to invite others to attend the activity, which mainly benefited brethren-expats in Steyr and Wroclaw who are not yet that fluent in German.

The Church Administration continues to launch activities, including language tutorials, not only to help the brethren grow in knowledge but also to fortify their bond as brothers and sisters in the faith.

Brother Kevin Heitmann, ministerial worker of Steyr and Wroclaw GWS, enthused that by attending Church activities, no matter the distance between the participants, the brethren grow as individuals and also “remain active members of the Church.” — With reports from INC News Section