Goteborg Buklod members rise to the challenge in Mr. and Mrs. Chef cooking tilt


Date Posted: March 3, 2021

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With fun and enjoyment, Buklod members from the Local Congregation of Goteborg, Sweden in the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe rose to the occasion during the Mr. and Mrs. Chef cooking challenge, coming up with delectable dishes. It was held on February 13, 2021.

The challenge was for the husband-and-wife tandem to use salmon and tomatoes as main ingredients for the main dish, with added attention to attractive but proper plating.

The cook fest kicked off with a cooking video and tutorial.

“As a Buklod, I was motivated to participate in this event because taking part in all the endeavors of the organization inspires me to be active in the Church,” Albert Brillantes, one of the participants, said.

“This event brings joy and unity inside the Church, it strengthens the bond of husbands and wives, it creates happiness, and it helps for us to be more active in our faith as we fulfill our duties in the Church,” Fei Brillantes, Albert’s wife, said.

All of the entries were declared winners because of the originality, the creative presentation of the dishes, and the effort and teamwork of each couple, which shone as they shared their cooking skills with other brethren. — With reports from INC News Section