Hundreds attend Quezon district-wide evangelical mission


Date Posted: November 7, 2021

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“The teachings taught by the minister was clear because everything was read directly from the Bible,” observed Jomarry Acaso, one of the many guests from the district-wide evangelical mission held by the Quezon Ecclesiastical District on October 24, 2021. He further added, “The whole event was orderly and the people were disciplined. The study of God’s words was solemn.”

Days prior the evangelistic event, Church members from the district’s 69 local congregations, several extensions and Group Worship Services, invited their friends, acquaintances, and loved ones to listen to the words of God firmly upheld in the Iglesia Ni Cristo. When the appointed day and time came, the brethren brought their guests to their respective houses of worship. Others brought their guests to their homes, which also served as remote sites.

Through videoconferencing, the preaching of God’s words by Brother Eliseo Valle Jr., a minister of the gospel, from the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Dalahican, was livestreamed to multiple remote sites all over the district.

Citing the Holy Scriptures, Brother Valle taught that membership in the true Church Of Christ is far more important than any material wealth and earthly possessions. If one is a member of it, he has the firm hope to be saved from the punishment in the lake of fire come the Day of Judgment.

This biblical truth motivates Charmaine Villanoa, a choir member from the Lucena City Congregation in sharing her faith to others, especially to loved ones and friends. She shared, “I always pray to God to give me the strength and courage because I want to help in the work of propagation for them to have faith in God’s words and eventually be members of the Church.”

During the activity, the entire province was under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) with heightened restrictions, under which gatherings are allowed. The brethren led the guests in observing health and safety protocols in all sites. The Ecclesiastical District of Quezon (formerly Quezon West) is one of the four districts in this southern Luzon province. — With reports from INC News Section