INC holds ‘Appreciation Day’ for local firefighters in Makakilo, Hawaii

Date Posted: August 22, 2022

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HONOLULU, Hawaii – Local firefighters in Makakilo, Hawaii were lauded and recognized by members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ).

Through the INC’s Care for Humanity Program, and the INC Giving Project, members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo from Oahu Island held an Appreciation Day for firefighters at Fire Station 35 in Makakilo, Hawaii.

INC members from the Kapolei Local Congregation recognized and appreciated Fire Station 35’s firefighter crew. Appreciation baskets were prepared with snacks, supplies, and thank you cards.

Additionally, the Kapolei local congregation read a letter to recognize the firefighters’ efforts for community: “We are privileged to be here and acknowledge the Makakilo Fire Station 35 crew for their sacrifices and unselfish devotion to duty to save lives, to make our community safe, peaceful and enjoyable.”

Brother James Tafaoa, a head deacon from Kapolei and one of the coordinators for this activity expressed the gratitude of the INC members for the firefighters’ efforts to serve the community.

The firemen, through their Captain, Edward Lee, also thanked the Church for holding the Appreciation Day, saying this meant a lot for them.

“I know from the bottom of my heart (that) it gives our guys … more incentive to do what we do. You know, we’re [going to] do our job no matter what, but when we feel like we have the support and love from the community, it makes that even much more rewarding,” he said.

Captain Edward Lee also extended his appreciation: “On behalf of myself and the rest of the crew, I just wanted to say thank you to Church of Christ – Iglesia Ni Cristo, for coming out and showing your love and support for us here at Makakilo fire station. And we don’t get this very often so we want to say thank you and mahalo for showing your love and support for all of us in what we do and sharing God’s love and support. In that way, it’s very much appreciated. We thank you, folks, very much.”

The Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) continues to grow worldwide and has reached 162 countries and territories, with its members coming from 149 races and nationalities.

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