‘INC Music Videoke Challenge’ attracts music lovers from Uijeongbu Congregation


Date Posted: September 12, 2022

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On August 22, 2022, music lovers from the Local Congregation of Uijeongbu, in the Ecclesiastical District of South Korea, faced off in the INC Music Videoke Challenge. The activity was held at the multi-purpose hall in their place of worship.

The friendly singing competition organized by the local leadership of the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) had two categories: Buklod and KADIWA. Singing INC original songs, the participants were scored according to the following criteria: voice quality and tone (40%), musicality (40%), and overall interpretation (20%).

Those who served as judges were Jalyn Velasquez and Glenmark Bautista. Brother Francis Revesencio, the resident minister, completed the roster.

Chris Antonette Pugay, won in the Buklod category for her rendition of “Salamat Po sa Iyong Pagyakap.” In the KADIWA category, Anagil Santos, who sang “Guide My Heart,” won. Ricky Gianan, with his version of “Ang Tungkuling Itiniwala, Puspusan Naming Magawa,” received the “Brethren’s Choice,” special award.

Beaming with joy, Raymond Dungo, who also competed in this activity, said, “It’s nice to see brethren like me who loves to sing videoke. More importantly, in an activity like this, original INC Music is promoted and our [participants’ and audience’s] faith is edified.” — With reports from INC News Section