The Iglesia Ni Cristo at 105

From one man to millions. From one nation to 152 countries and territories across six continents. From one race to 147 various ethnicities. All in a span of 105 years.

Such is the modern-day miracle that is the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ).

As the Church marks its 105th founding anniversary on July 27, 2019, its members worldwide watch in great awe as the Almighty God puts the finishing touches on His masterpiece—the last work of salvation, prophesied long ago.

From its inconspicuous and humble beginnings, the Church Of Christ has grown by leaps and bounds, transcending ethnic and cultural barriers. Yet, despite its increasingly demographic diversity, it has remained as strong and unified as ever.

At 105, the Church shows no signs of fatigue or stagnation. Quite the contrary, it continues to pursue all its spiritual endeavors at fever pitch. The road they traverse may be rough, full of thorns and spikes, but the members are confident to win the race—as God Himself is their constant guide.

May the Name of the Almighty Father—the God of the Iglesia Ni Cristo—forever be praised!

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