Isabela West holds baptism on Church’s 107th anniversary


Date Posted: August 3, 2021

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July 27 is a red-letter day for the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) as it marks the anniversary of its establishment in the Philippines. In commemoration of the Church’s 107th anniversary this year, the Ecclesiastical District of Isabela West conducted a holy baptism.

Held at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Roxas, the candidates for baptism, together with the brethren who accompanied and guided them in their conversion, arrived early from their respective local congregations.

Prior to their immersion into the water, Brother Eugenio Corpuz Jr., district supervising minister, taught the baptismal candidates the biblical truth about the indispensability and significance of membership in the Church in attaining the promised salvation. “Not only were they taught of the importance of receiving the true baptism and thereby becoming members of the true Church, they were also exhorted to actively participate in all of the Church activities, remain devoted to attending our worship services, and to uphold obedience to all of God’s commands,” Brother Corpuz said.

Despite the persecutions he and his household experienced, Brother Ruben Ramos, a newly baptized member now enlisted in the Binarzang Congregation, remained hopeful that God would help them. “At first, joining the Church Of Christ was not easy because some of our friends and relatives questioned our decision. But through fervent prayers, me and my family reached the day of our baptism,” he said.

“The new members added in our district on the day of the Church’s anniversary is a great blessing from the Almighty God. This only shows how He truly loves the Church because we continuously reap success in the work of propagation,” said Brother Ariel Villanueva, resident minister of the Local Congregation of San Rafael.

According to the district Light of Salvation overseer, Brother Joseph Feting, the brethren, led by the district supervising minister, are inspired by the biblical lessons prepared by the Church Administration that are taught during worship services, which is why they are steadfast in sharing their faith no matter what.

“With God’s mercy, all of the brethren’s effort in utilizing all possible means to propagate the gospel were not in vain because it resulted to the conversion of many people. The righteous way of life of the brethren, even during the pandemic, was one of the reasons many were encouraged to also join the Church,” said Brother Feting.

Health and safety protocols were carefully observed all throughout the momentous event even the entire province of Isabela is placed under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ), the country’s least strict of quarantine being implemented. — With reports from Aarson Varias