KADIWA activity in Hawaii Pacific fosters health awareness


Date Posted: March 8, 2022

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An activity dubbed “KADIWA Health Fair” facilitated by the Ecclesiastical District of Hawaii Pacific fostered health awareness among the attendees. Held on February 13, 2022, the activity was conducted at the function hall of the Local Congregation of Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

Jon Benzon from the Local Congregation of Kapolei, a Complex Case Manager Nurse (CCMN), served as the resource speaker.

He taught the attendees about the importance of monitoring one’s health. He spoke about the need of watching blood pressure, weight, as well as one’s oxygen level. To help the brethren gain a better understanding of their health, he shared with them food and dieting facts, as well as tips on taking care of one’s kidney.

One of the attendees, Edgelene Oliverio, from Kapolei Congregation, said: “We should always strive to be aware of our health by taking care of ourselves, either mental or physical, to be able to use this our services to our Lord God.”

Through the activity, KADIWA members across the district were not only able to virtually gather but they also learned about how they could stay fit and healthy. — With reports from INC News Section