KADIWA and Binhi members from Italy South attend photography seminar


Date Posted: May 12, 2022

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KADIWA and Binhi members from various local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Italy South attended on April 17, 2022 the “Photography Seminar & Workshop” facilitated online by the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) district leadership.

Focusing on mobile photography, the seminar aimed to impart to the participants the practical knowledge in using their mobile devices to take quality photos.

Photography enthusiasts Jeric Vizco and Marvin Aquino, both KADIWA members, led the seminar-workshop. Aided by a video presentation, they discussed, among others, the best lighting needed and the proper angle when using their camera phones in taking photos in different scenarios.

“Using mobile or cell phones makes capturing of images more convenient and faster,” said Jeric.

The brethren were taught how to take a full shot, medium shot, medium close up, close up, and extreme close up. They also learned about “the most functional composition technique” in photography, the “Rule of Thirds.”

“The basics of photography can be helpful to the youth for enhancing the quality of a picture they are taking with and becoming like professionals,” said Marvin.

With such an activity, the facilitators hoped that the participants gained essential insights to hone their photography skills even more so they can put them to good use as they help in documenting Church activities for posterity. — With reports from INC News Section