KADIWA Forum in Italy South promotes responsible use of social media


Date Posted: March 5, 2023

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With the aim of promoting responsible use of social media, various local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Italy South conducted a KADIWA Forum at their respective houses of worship on February 12, 2023. Resident ministers and ministerial workers led them.

The Church members first watched a video presentation detailing the said topic and highlighting “We are true Christians even online.” They were also warned about phishing to avoid being scammed into disclosing sensitive personal information, such as bank accounts and passwords, by responding to such fraudulent text messages, emails, and the like.

The resident ministers and ministerial workers were then prompt to add that the KADIWA members should always be on guard of worldly ideas that contradict God’s teachings.

Enjoying the refreshments provided after the forum, the attendees were able to have bonding time and relate to each other what they just learned during the forum.

“The topic was very interesting because, as we know, we live in a digital era and internet is part of our everyday life. All KADIWA members could relate to the topic,” said Erika Mae Torres, KADIWA president of the Local Congregation of Rome. “It’s a potent tool but if not used properly, internet can lead us to committing wrongdoings.”

Thankful to God, the young members were inspired more to unite with the Church Administration by remaining ever active in the faith, a proof of which is participating in the Christian Family Organizations-led activities. — With reports from INC News Section