KADIWA in Malaysia District learn about decreasing the carbon footprint


Date Posted: March 4, 2022

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Through a webinar held on February 6, 2022, KADIWA members in the Ecclesiastical District of Malaysia learned about the importance of decreasing carbon footprint. The activities of the said Christian Family Organization sparked awareness on the brethren’s part to help preserve the environment in various ways that they can easily do.

“The amount of carbon dioxide (CO₂) and other greenhouse gases like methane and nitrous oxide emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person or group is called carbon footprint. It is important to learn about it,” remarked Edrienne Honey Ching, a KADIWA officer who hosted the seminar. “A large volume of these gases in the atmosphere will raise the average surface temperature of the world into dangerous levels.”

Through the webinar, the KADIWA members learned about what they could do to reduce their own carbon footprint. It pointed out that the five most significant contributors of carbon footprint are heating and air conditioning, family size, transportation, food and laundry. In each of these, attendees understood, individuals could take actions that collectively could positively impact the environment.

“Measuring my carbon footprint makes me one step closer towards living a more sustainable world and becoming more environmentally conscious about the negative impact of global warming,” said Alexandria Alcid, a KADIWA officer. “I learned many simple and easy initiatives to reduce and keep track of personal carbon footprint.”

Having learned many things during the webinar, Jerrelin Caballa, a KADIWA officer, said that it really pays to be “active in participating in all the Church activities because these help us in our daily lives, be it personally or spiritually.”  She went on to say that attending activities in the Church “helps us to bond closer together as a group, maintaining our unity with the Church Administration.” — With reports from INC News Section