KADIWA in Tokyo talk about social issues


Date Posted: March 11, 2023

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On February 12, 2023, various local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Tokyo, Japan hosted a KADIWA Forum that talked about some social issues among today’s youth.

Gathered at respective houses of worship, the KADIWA brethren, or single members 18 years old and above, watched a video presentation that was prepared by the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) Office. Highlighting the message “We are Christians all the time even online,” it raised awareness on the varying challenges the youth nowadays experience, such as online schooling, internet addiction, and misuse of social media.

Afterwards, the KADIWA members bonded with each other, not only sharing their personal experiences but also giving personal advices, and expressing how their being Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members has greatly helped them to cope with the said issues.

Kristelle Joy Sumallo, from the Local Congregation of Yokota, shared, “On my part, there are many challenges I face, even loneliness for being away from my loved ones, since I live here alone. But what makes me happy is that I am a member of the Church Of Christ. With God’s help, I will be able to triumph over the trials that come to my life.” — With reports from INC News Section