KADIWA members in Taiwan volunteer as blood donors


Date Posted: May 15, 2023

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“Donating blood will benefit not only the recipients but also the donors,” said Manilyn Duruin, KADIWA district president in the Ecclesiastical District of Taiwan. “It feels so good to be of help to other people, to be able to save lives.”

Bearing in mind the importance of such humanitarian act, she and fellow KADIWA members from the said district went at Zhongli Blood Donation Center of Taiwan Blood Services Foundation, in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, to volunteer donating blood on April 16, 2023.

Before the actual blood donation, volunteers underwent necessary health screening process to determine if they were physically fit and qualified to donate blood.

“And this activity even became an opportunity to socialize with fellow brethren, to inspire and encourage one another that we should continue on participating in all the activities launched by the Church Administration as these edify us in the faith and glorify our Lord God,” Duruin added. — With reports from Mae Borral of INC News Section