KADIWA organization from Cavite District hosts Presidents’ Meet


Date Posted: July 22, 2022

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Taking the opportunity to convene KADIWA local presidents, the Ecclesiastical District of Cavite in the Philippines convened the said Church officers on June 30, 2022 in the house of worship of the Local Congregation of F. Manalo. Dubbed “Presidents’ Meet,” the activity gave the brethren an opportunity to brainstorm and come up with projects that will benefit KADIWA members in the district.

“During the activity, KADIWA local presidents, joined by the district officers, held a series of brainstorming sessions to draft proposals for activities wherein the KADIWA brethren in our district would be more involved,” said Elbert Olaes, KADIWA district president.

One of the attendees, Jonniel Vince Cruz, KADIWA president of the Local Congregation of Pasong Kawayan, shared, “In this meeting, we were also reminded that no matter what obstacles we may face, including the ongoing pandemic, we have to remain zealous in all Church activities. And as presidents, we are the first ones expected by the Church Administration to be fully united in the activities that they launch. If we are active, then the brethren under our care will also be inspired to be active as well.”

Included among the reminders was the call for KADIWA members to uphold their zeal in the intensive propagation of God’s words. Each of the attendees shared ways on how the “Friday Youth Mission” in their local congregation could pave the way for more people to learn about the teachings of God upheld by the Church Of Christ.

Through Rachelle Merz Villena, the KADIWA district assistant secretary, the district leadership reminded the attendees about the series of preparations and upcoming events related to their district’s much-awaited 90th anniversary celebration in August 2022.

KADIWA is the organization inside the Church Of Christ for unmarried brethren, 18 years old or above. — With reports from INC News Section