Kids learn, have fun in CWS quiz game


Date Posted: February 22, 2021

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Children’s Worship Service (CWS) members from the Local Congregation of Copenhagen, Denmark and Group Worship Service (GWS) of Skjern, Denmark in the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe joined an online quiz game on February 6, 2021.

CWS officers led the children in the gamified quiz challenge through videoconferencing. The kids enjoyed playing the game that served also as a review of some of the biblical teachings taught to them in the Church.

Before the game started, participants were divided into three groups namely Green Team, Red Team, and White Team. The young brethren wore colored T-shirts depending on which team they were assigned. Hence, even though the activity was held online, each participant could easily determine who his teammates are.

“I am happy about this activity because it was fun and I learned something new,” said Alexander Hulstrom, a CWS choir member. He added, “I also got to see my friends and CWS officers even though it is an online activity.”

The children were very thankful to the Church Administration for allowing them to have this activity.

“My commitment to our Lord God and to the Church Administration is that I will always put my trust in God and actively serve Him and participate in all activities in the Church,” said Abrianna Johansen, a CWS member.

“I promise to fulfill my Church duties and worship God in everything I do,” said Alex Castañeda, a CWS member. ― With reports from INC News Section