Koronadal City District reaches out to B’laan tribe


Date Posted: March 5, 2021

On February 28, 2021, Church Of Christ members from the Ecclesiastical District of Koronadal City, South Cotabato went to Sitio Roxas, a remote place in Barangay Esperanza, Koronadal City, reached out to a B’laan tribe, sharing to them the true faith and giving them aid.

Planting corn and making charcoal used to be the livelihood of the whole tribe. But the current pandemic has made it harder to make a living. Maricel Tajao Jialuna, a B’laan, said, “We’re hesitant to go outside because we might infect our children on our way back home.”

Her relative, Josefina Tajao Jialuna, added, “We can’t find a decent job. I even tried offering my neighbors that I do their laundry for them.”

The district supervising minister, Brother Apolinario Seacor, led the event that consisted of a proclamation of the true gospel and distribution of relief packages.

“We remember the Church Administration’s reminder to us, that it is the Lord God’s will to help our fellowmen,” he explained. “As we’re told that many poor people live here, we handed out relief packages. But before that, we prioritized the sharing of words of God, which we all the more need to bring salvation to our souls.”

During the evangelical mission part, the assistant district supervising minister, Brother Luisito Rivera, preached the words of God in the Bible.

The recipients expressed their gratefulness as the brethren handed out to them the relief packages. — With reports from INC News Section