La Union’s intensive propagation efforts bear abundant fruit


Date Posted: March 5, 2022

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“Even though they are affected by the current pandemic in different aspects of their lives, the brethren never forsake spreading the gospel so that more people will be baptized inside the Church Of Christ,” observed Brother Dexter Panergo, a ministerial worker assigned in the Local Congregation of Sta. Rita.

With God’s help, the intensive propagational efforts of the brethren in the previous months bore abundant fruits as two simultaneous baptisms were conducted by the Ecclesiastical District of La Union on February 18, 2022.

Together with the brethren instrumental to their conversion, the candidates for baptism from the local congregations situated less than an hour away from San Fernando City traveled to the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Santiago Norte, the main site. Other baptismal candidates proceeded to the house of worship of the Agoo Local Congregation.


The preaching of God’s words led by Brother Jonie Sibalo, assistant district supervising minister, during the baptismal service in the main site was livestreamed to the other venue.  

From the Holy Scriptures, Brother Sibalo taught the utmost importance of receiving the true baptism inside the Church Of Christ. As such, it is the divine responsibility of those who will receive the baptism to all the more safeguard the election that the baptismal candidates were about to receive to be certain of the promised salvation.

Afterwards, the would-be members solemnly vowed to fulfill all of God’s commands to us no matter what. Their oath-taking was led by Brother Ramil Abrejal, district Light of Salvation (LOS) overseer.

“I consider it a great blessing to help in the work of propagation because it means being united with the Church Administration in leading more people back to God,” said Jojie Ayson, a finance officer in the Local Congregation of Santiago Norte. She was among the many brethren who bore fruits that day.