Lae City Congregation hosts open-air ‘Welcome, My Brethren’


Date Posted: July 30, 2022

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To foster closer ties among the brethren and newly-baptized members, as well as prospective members, the Local Congregation of Lae City, Papua New Guinea, hosted an open-air “Welcome, My Brethren” at their place of worship grounds on July 10, 2022.

“I thank the brethren for preparing this activity. We enjoyed every part of it. We did not only receive God’s mercy but also felt the love of brotherhood. They made us feel so welcome. Their time and meaningful efforts are well appreciated,” said Quidila James, on behalf of those newly baptized members.

Over a light meal the brethren prepared, the participants in the activity held casual conversations to know more about each other. Later on in the activity, parlor games were facilitated for them.

Brother Edmark Velasco, resident ministerial worker, spearheaded this socializing event. “We will continue strengthening the works of edification and propagation here,” he said, upon seeing everyone’s smiles and laughter. — With reports from INC News Section