Lae City Congregation propagates the gospel in two languages


Date Posted: March 22, 2023

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To all the more make known God’s words in Papua New Guinea, the Local Congregation of Lae City, Ecclesiastical District of Australia West, hosted evangelical missions on February 21, 2023 that featured two languages, English and Tok Pisin (or Pidgin), a creole language spoken all over the said country.

The first of two propagational activities happened in the morning, at an open space in Sukok Block Unigate, a village in East Taraka, Lae City. By afternoon, another was held at the local congregation’s place of worship.

On both occasions, Brother Joselito Omagap, minister of the gospel, preached the biblical lesson, which expounded on how true faith is achieved and thus salvation, in English. Afterwards, his fellow resident minister, Brother Edmark Velasco, preached the lesson in the audience’s native tongue.

“God expects me to share my faith to everyone. I’m always willing to do that so more of my fellowmen will know the truth as taught in the Bible,” said Jack Arnold, a newly-baptized member, who was able to bring along eight guests.

“The way the ministers preached the lesson was unique. To address the often asked questions, they read the answers straight from the Scriptures,” John Kerema, a guest, observed. “I understand fully well that joining the Church Of Christ is important for people to attain salvation.” That was why, right after the evangelical mission at the congregation’s place of worship, he enlisted for doctrinal instruction. — With reports from INC News Section