Love shines through in Italy South’s KADIWA Cares


Date Posted: February 19, 2022

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Young adult members from the Ecclesiastical District of Italy South showed love and concern for their neighbors, literally and figuratively, in their outreach project “KADIWA Cares.”

Planned and organized by the KADIWA district leadership, it was held simultaneously on February 6, 2022 in the local congregations in Southern Italy from Lucca, southwards to places like Pisa, Florence, Rome, and Naples.

The young brethren handed out care packages they themselves packed, which contained essential health protection items such as facemasks and hand sanitizers. They took the opportunity to also give free copies of Pasugo: God’s Message magazine and religious pamphlets to residents in their respective communities.

Ruth Pabelonia, from the Local Congregation of Roma Nord, explained, she and her fellow KADIWA members zealously participated to “heed the call of the Church Administration to obey God’s command to help our fellowmen but most of all, to share our faith to others.”

Recently, the Covid-19 situation in Italy has improved leading the government to open its doors for European Union (EU) citizens on February 1.

“I thank our Lord God for the chance to take part in this activity,” Caterina Enriquez, from the Local Congregation of Rome, said in Italian. “We approached and talked to people, shared our faith, and were rewarded by their pleasant reaction seeing us, young men and women, sharing our faith and love.” — With reports from INC News Section