Luzon Avenue evangelical mission draws over thousand guests


Date Posted: June 9, 2023

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Through their concerted efforts, Church officers and members of the Local Congregation of Luzon Avenue, Ecclesiastical District of Central, were able to bring more than a thousand invitees to the evangelical mission they conducted on May 9, 2023.

The propagation event was held in part to remember Brother Felix Y. Manalo whom the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) recognizes as God’s Messenger in these last days, and whose life and works inspired the Luzon brethren to enthusiastically help in making God’s words known to as many people as possible.


Brother Marlo Sandoval, minister of the gospel, led the Bible study, showing that above all things in this life people must value and hold on to that which leads to their salvation on the nearing Judgment Day. This, he proved from the Holy Scriptures, is being members of Christ’s one true Church, which is the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

“I learned from the teachings written in the Bible that God commands people to join the true Church,” Lordeliza Sarmiento, one of the guests, said. “I am truly glad that I was invited and I came to know this truth which, for me, should be known also by the youth.”

Prior to the evangelistic activity, brethren from the said congregation handed out copies of Pasugo: God’s Message magazine to their prospective guests. The brethren then returned to accompany them to the house of worship before the schedule of the gathering.

“The brethren, through the leadership of the Church officers, promise that they will strive to keep the zeal in sharing the true faith to more people, for they understand that it is one of their duties as being among those called into the Church Of Christ as a result of God’s sending of His Messenger in these last days,” Brother Arlan Reyes, assistant resident minister of Luzon Avenue Congregation, said. — With reports from Jessica Martinez of INC News Section