Malaysia District lauds KADIWA frontliners


Date Posted: March 20, 2022

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Cognizant of the sacrifices frontliners are making in the battle against Covid-19, the KADIWA organization in the Ecclesiastical District of Malaysia staged a fitting program in appreciation of their fellow youth members in the health profession and allied works.

“We showed appreciation for how hard they’ve been working during this pandemic crisis,” said Eenah Caymo, who led the “KADIWA Frontliners Appreciation” program held on March 6, 2022.

The frontliner-brethren, who kept themselves in isolation even during their days off, had the opportunity to connect virtually with their fellow KADIWA members from whom they received words of appreciation and encouragement via recorded messages or digital personalized cards. They also took part in interactive games.

“It’s full of fun and love. Being a frontliner, I enjoyed it. It reminded me of all the love and appreciation from all the members of the Church Of Christ, most especially from Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, our Executive Minister. Thank you very much, brothers and sisters in the faith, for all your messages,” said Camille Elaine Fadallan, a Children’s Worship Service Teacher and a pharmaceutical technician in a public hospital that looks after Covid-19 patients.

Brother Mc Daniel Martinez, the ministerial worker who oversaw the activity, delivered a brief message. He pointed out that although the frontliners are “busy battling this pandemic, they also never stop fighting for their faith, performing their duties. They remain being active in the faith.” He encouraged the attendees, among whom were doctrinal instructees and candidates for baptism, to “draw inspiration from these frontliners.” — With reports from INC News Section