Manitoba District shares faith, extends help in Neepawa


Date Posted: August 13, 2022

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On July 26, 2022, Church members from all over the Ecclesiastical District of Manitoba commemorated the 108th anniversary of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) and its 50th year of establishment in Canada by holding, among others, an evangelical mission and Aid to Humanity event. The twin events were held in Neepawa, a town 180 kilometers west of Winnipeg, where the first congregation of the Church Of Christ in Canada was established.

The evangelical mission was held at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Neepawa. Through the Bible, Brother James Lajeras, assistant district secretary, discussed to the attendees the importance in a person’s life of the Church redeemed by Christ. He pointed out to them that in order for one to have peace with God and receive His blessings and salvation on Judgment Day, one must first become a member of the true Church Of Christ.

The Aid to Humanity event followed right after the evangelical mission. During the program, guests were treated to musical performances prepared by the select young brethren rendering Iglesia Ni Cristo original music. Afterwards, goodwill bags were distributed to the attendees.

“As we celebrate the important milestone of the Church Of Christ in its entirety and the Church here in Canada, the bond of the brotherhood is really evident. The brethren are united in inviting many people to know more about the Church. All these victories were because of God’s guidance and mercy to us,” Brother Jerson Quiao, resident ministerial worker of the Neepawa Congregation, enthused.

“We thank Brother Eduardo V. Manalo for allowing this activity. Because of the unity and love of the brethren, especially the teachings [of God] that we received, we were able to unite and celebrate the anniversary of the Church,” said Brother Sidney Santos, district supervising minister. — With reports from INC News Section