Mediterranean District teaches Binhi members about documentary filmmaking


Date Posted: March 24, 2022

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To equip the young members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) with knowledge they can apply in their personal endeavors, and more importantly, in Church projects, the Ecclesiastical District of Mediterranean held a seminar on the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking. The activity was held on March 6, 2022 and was attended by Binhi members from various local congregations through videoconferencing.

“We are trying to encourage our young brethren to have an interest in this kind of field for them to be part in worthwhile endeavors, especially in projects of the Church,” said Cleofe Ariola, one of the guest speakers.

The attendees were taught about the elements and stages of documentary filmmaking. They also were given pointers on how to start creating a short film and documentary and were even encouraged to make a film with their life stories. 

Judith Imus, another resource speaker, enthused: “We are hoping that what we shared in the activity would help develop the talents and skills of the young brethren in documentary filmmaking.”

 “In this era of technology, the Church Administration is proud to see young brethren actively participate for the welfare of the Church’s multimedia endeavors,” said Brother Axl Rose Mesina, the district Christian Family Organizations (CFO) overseer. — With reports from INC News Section