Montreal youth stay active through fitness activity


Date Posted: January 31, 2021

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In order to stay physically active, young brethren from the Local Congregation of Montreal, Quebec in the Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa participated in an online fitness activity on January 24, 2021.

Due to the pandemic, the Montreal, Quebec government officials strictly implemented a curfew to limit the number of physical contact people may have from others when outside their homes. Through videoconferencing, KADIWA and Binhi members were able to join the fun activity from their homes.

James Manalad, KADIWA congregation president, said, “The workout was composed of three parts. The warm-up exercise, stretching workout, and a circuit of intense exercises.” He added, “The activity aims to teach the brethren some basic exercises and workout that they could do in their respective homes. Even though a curfew was implemented, young brethren learned so much and enjoyed the activity.”

The activity was made more interactive through the online conversations that the brethren had with fellow KADIWA and Binhi members. Participants were reminded of the importance of physical fitness. Exercising is a good way to boost someone up for his day-to-day activity and become productive especially in performing duties and services to the Lord God.

Gwen Clacia, KADIWA member, stated, “It was so fun. I really enjoyed the activity. Having an online conversation with my fellow brethren while doing the workout exercises eased the tension and stress.”

The brethren are thankful to the Church Administration that such an activity was launched and they promised to always submit to them and participate in all Church activities. ― With reports from INC News Section