Montreal youth take 28-day fitness challenge


Date Posted: March 18, 2021

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Encouraging the youth to keep a strong body and mind especially in this time of pandemic, the KADIWA organization of the Local Congregation of Montreal Quebec in the Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa set a 28-day fitness challenge.

Young members participated from the day the activity, which was conducted for the whole month of February 2021. Dedication, perseverance, team effort, and love for brotherhood were among the things learned by the brethren in the activity.

For added motivation, the participants were encouraged to send videos and photos of themselves while doing their daily exercises. They also shared tips on eating healthy foods with one another.

“This KADIWA 28-day challenge was very beneficial for all the brethren. We are able to take care of our body and health,” said Sherlyn Capua, a KADIWA officer. She added, “We were strengthened not only physically but also in the faith. As God said, we should take care of our physical bodies so we can continue to use our life and strength to all the more worship our Almighty God.”

Carlo Marquez, a KADIWA officer, said, “It is very inspiring to see brothers and sisters motivate each other to progress in physical fitness and health. Everyone enjoyed the activity.”

“I enjoyed this challenge very much because of the support of the brethren that inspired each one of us to continue our course up to the end,” Mark Marquez said, a KADIWA officer.

Young brethren showed that no matter what the obstacles are, they will always find a way to continue uniting with the Church Administration. ― With reports from INC News Section