More people in two Pacific islands join the Church Of Christ


Date Posted: February 10, 2021

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Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) membership in Papua New Guinea, and Guam, a US territory, continues to rise as local congregations in these Pacific islands conduct baptisms.

In the Local Congregation of Port Moresby, in Papua New Guinea, which is located in southwestern Pacific, the most recent of these was held on January 31, 2021.

The brethren from this congregation, which belongs in the Ecclesiastical District of Australia West, traveled early in the morning to the venue to witness the baptism of new members—the fruits of their propagational works.

Brother Regino Manangan Jr., resident minister, led the holy occasion held at the congregation’s house of worship. During the study of God’s words, prior to the baptism proper, he taught the qualities a true servant of God should have to remain in his divine calling or membership in the true Church.

Richardo Pakson, one of the newly baptized members, said he was excited when he learned that he was a candidate for baptism.

“I felt the excitement that finally I will become a member of the Church Of Christ and receive the hope to be saved on Judgment Day,” he recalled. “I promise to share this great blessing from God to many people who were also like me before that was in the wrong religion. Here in the Church Of Christ, we firmly uphold what is only written in the Bible.”

In an interview, Brother Manangan, said, “We will continue to intensify further the works of propagation in this country. We will reach out to many people as we can even in the far-flung areas and villages to introduce to them the biblical teachings we uphold.”

In the island of Guam, situated in Western Pacific, the Local Congregation of Yigo, Ecclesiastical District of Micronesia, saw an increase in membership with the baptism on January 30, 2021.

District supervising minister, Brother Noel Gasmen, first taught the prospective members the words of God regarding the blessings of baptism inside the true Church brings. Through it, he said, one receives the gift of the Holy Spirit, the right to worship and serve God, and the promised salvation come Judgment Day.

Marinella Angeles, a newly baptized member, said, “I am very honored and thankful to be a member of the Church Of Christ. By God’s grace, I was able to overcome all the tests and received baptism.”

“The Ecclesiastical District of Micronesia is always one with the Church Administration in the intensified works of the Church. We promise to continue to spread the pure gospel to many people,” said Brother Raymundo Antonio Jr., district edification overseer. — With reports from INC News Section