Moscow Congregation shares the true faith


Date Posted: January 31, 2023

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Part of their continuous efforts to share the true faith, brethren from the Local Congregation of Moscow, Russia, invited their friends and relatives to listen to God’s words in an evangelical mission on January 15, 2023, which was held at their place of worship.

With God’s help, the brethren were able to invite many people to the said propagational activity. Brother Cornelio Guerrero, their resident minister, said in retrospect: “Brethren in our congregation are never remiss in fulfilling their duties in the Church. They continue participating in all Church activities expressing their love, hope, and faith in God.”


In his Bible-based lesson that was taught in English, he taught the attendees about how to identify the true religion and the right way of worshiping God.

“I was searching for so long to answer all my questions about certain things like why God created us, what is God’s purpose, and more. When I listen to the teachings of the Church Of Christ, it satisfied me. It is different from the others,” Nazmul Khatun Shanin, one of the guests, said.

After the preaching of God’s words, the brethren invited their guests to a socializing program, providing them with refreshments.

The Local Congregation of Moscow, Russia, is supervised by the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe. The district supervising minister is Brother Romeo Marquez. — With reports from INC News Section