New GWS established by Aklan District, holds inaugural worship service


Date Posted: January 10, 2023

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Through the efforts of the brethren from the Local Congregation of Laguinbanua East, Ecclesiastical District of Aklan, propagational efforts of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) reached and bore fruits in Brgy. Manika, Libacao, Aklan, Philippines. The brethren and doctrinal instructees there now consist the Manika Group Worship Service (GWS). The first worship service of the new GWS was held on December 21, 2022.

“I feel so fortunate. We have finally been organized as a GWS, allowing us to conduct worship services nearer our respective homes,” said Mia Jade Felix, one of the pioneering choir members of the GWS.

The said worship service was officiated at by Brother Marlon P. Pineda, assistant district supervising minister. In his preaching, he emphasized to the brethren the Christian duty of leading a life as true servants of His should in order to safeguard their God-given election, and thus be certain of receiving salvation on Judgment Day.

Formerly a place of missionary activities of the Church, the parcel of land where now stands the GWS’s place of worship was donated to the Church by Emegencia Felix, a deaconess and resident of Manika. Before the brethren there, together with doctrinal instructees, were organized as a GWS they used to travel to the house of worship of Laguinbanua East Congregation for Church gatherings. Now that they can hold worship services near their homes, brethren are truly thankful to God.

“It’s almost two hours of travel just to reach the Manika GWS,” said Sol Villorente, head deacon from the Local Congregation of Laguinbanua East. Not minding the distance, he added, “With God’s help, and to the best of my abilities, I will be one with the Church Administration in looking after the spiritual needs of our brethren here.”

Brother Leonel I. Selidio, the current resident minister of the Local Congregation of Laguinbanua East is also entrusted with the care of the brethren from the Manika GWS.

On behalf of the congregation and the GWS, he said, “I will encourage the brethren here to strive in carrying out the duties entrusted to us. Be it our brethren and other fellowmen live at far-flung places, we will strive to reach their houses, and introduce to them God’s words, especially the importance of being found inside the true Church, the Church Of Christ.” — With reports from INC News Section