New Jersey congregations hold evangelical mission amid cold weather


Date Posted: January 21, 2023

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In season and out of season, as per the Holy Scriptures, Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members such as those from the Ecclesiastical District of New Jersey are always ready to proclaim the gospel of salvation. Thus, even amid frigid weather over New Jersey, USA on December 27, 2022, they participated in the district-wide evangelical missions to share the true Christian faith to others.

The Local Congregation of Elizabeth served as host site from where Brother Joven Medrano, minister of the gospel, preached a Bible-based lesson. Other congregations in the district connected through livestreaming technology.

“It is common in our area to have frigid temperatures during this part of the year,” Grace Evangelista, a choir member from Aston, Pennsylvania, shared. “Record high snowfalls were seen in parts of our country. Amidst this, we thank the Lord God for helping us to go on with our Church duties. We were able to invite guests amidst the severe weather. We uphold our Christian duties through God’s mercy.” 

In the propagational activity, Brother Medrano preached a Bible-based lesson underscoring the indispensability of the true Church established by Christ for salvation.

“I am always happy to share our faith no matter the weather or season. In our place where people are most concerned with their means of livelihood, we need to give extra effort to invite people to know what’s truly important in securing salvation come Judgment Day. This is only right for I felt the same effort from those who invited me into Church,” said Elle Aguilar, a Society of Communicators and Networkers (SCAN) officer from the congregation of Elizabeth. — With reports from INC News Section