New LOS officers in Calgary sworn in


Date Posted: March 8, 2023

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Totaling in the hundreds, new officers in the Light of Salvation-Missionary Committee of every local congregation in the Ecclesiastical District of Calgary, Canada were sworn in on February 12, 2023.

This was during the district-wide special gathering of all LOS officers in the entire district, which was held in the houses of worship of the Local Congregation of Capitol Hill and of the Local Congregation of Red Deer, which connected through livestreaming to the former.

Brother Ramil Macaspac, assistant district supervising minister, officiated at the holy gathering. In his Bible-based sermon, he reminded the attendees of the great significance of bearing abundant fruits of holiness by being active in all of the Church’s works, especially the propagation of the faith.

Officers in LOS-Missionary Committee are expected to take the initiative in inviting guests to attend worship services, evangelical missions and Bible studies. “With the influx of people entering the Church, it is but timely that new officers are added to cater to its multifarious needs,” said Brother Roy Ibasco, resident minister of the Capitol Hill Local Congregation.

“It always feels satisfying whenever I share the true faith. As taught in the Bible, we are the lights of this world. So, whenever I invite people, I give my very best in introducing to them the Church Of Christ,” said Ramon Antimano, LOS officer from the Local Congregation of Capitol Hill. “Some refused, of course, but with God’s help, I still succeed in bringing more people into the Church.”

Brother Ibasco added, “These brethren who took oath will not only be of great help in leading prospective members toward their baptism. They will also lead more people to get to know about the true Church.” — With reports from INC News Section