New Zealand KADIWA members draw inspiration from Heart and Soul podcast


Date Posted: April 28, 2022

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Listening to an episode of INC Media’s Heart & Soul podcast, KADIWA members from the Ecclesiastical District of New Zealand found added inspiration to carry on with their services to the Lord inside His Church despite life’s challenges.

The Heart & Soul podcast episode they listened to together on March 27, 2022—some in groups though most are in their own homes—focused on the importance of self-reflection. Also featuring experiences of young people dealing with depression, it made the brethren understand that they were not the only ones facing struggles in life. More importantly, they heard essential counsel based on the words of God on coping with dire situations.


“Activities such as this strengthen the brethren’s faith and love towards one another, inspire them to share our faith with nonmembers, and promote Christian values and unity with the Church Administration,” explained Sister Aira Andrales, a district KADIWA officer.

After the podcast-listening part of the activity, Brother Khevin Villanueva, ministerial worker, encouraged the KADIWA members to be all the more take active part in the endeavors of the Church and activities of their Christian Family Organization, for doing so especially in the company of brethren could help in fending off depression. He also reminded them to live lives worthy of being members of the true Church. — With reports from INC News Section