Northern Europe district holds physical fitness activity for KADIWA


Date Posted: July 29, 2021

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To promote good health among KADIWA members from the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe, its leadership approved that the youth hold a physical fitness activity.

This was conducted on July 11, 2021 through videoconferencing with youth from various Northern European countries participating.

KADIWA district sports committee chairperson, Aron Balbin, a physical fitness instructor, led the activity. He showed the brethren the correct posture and proper execution of several exercises to avoid any injury.

 “What inspired me to lead this activity is that I want an activity that showcases the importance of good health and also the importance of exercise,” Aron said. “For us, it is really important to have a strong and healthy body that is able to do our daily tasks and especially serve our Almighty God. This activity showed a deeper point of the exercise at home and shows how easy it can be to exercise.”

“This kind of activity is essential, necessary, and very timely during this time of the pandemic. Especially now that the pandemic has been more than a year already. Lockdown and quarantine restricted us in our daily activities and normal activities,” said Jennelyn Pungtilan, a choir member from Vantaa Finland Group Worship Service (GWS).

She added, “That’s why with the help of modern technology, our KADIWA brethren lead us in an exercise activity which helps us to motivate and uplift each other. Most importantly, this activity helped us to strengthen our bond with each other and our faith inside the Church Of Christ.” ― With reports from INC News Section