Northern Europe holds SOFLAH, inspires brethren through music


Date Posted: November 29, 2021

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On November 14, 2021, Christian Family Organizations (CFO) members in the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe, representing their respective local congregations, participated in the Songs of Faith, Love, and Hope (SOFLAH) competition. The activity inspired not only the contestants but even those who watched the singing competition online.

“As a new member of the Church Of Christ, it felt surreal,” said Milagros Ann Esteves, a KADIWA member from the Local Congregation of Copenhagen, Denmark. “I feel very happy and nervous at the same time. And also, very thankful for this great opportunity to be able to share my God-given talent by participating in this activity.”

Participants in the competition were not only from the Buklod, KADIWA, and Binhi organizations but also included members from the Children’s Worship Service (CWS). Not only their talents in singing but also their faith as members of the Church Of Christ also shone in the activity.

“What inspired me to participate in this activity is because I am a CWS choir member, and I like to sing,” said Jayden Ramirez, a CWS choir member from the Local Congregation of Oslo, Norway. “When I heard about the activity, I was excited to sing, and I was excited to represent my local.”

From the Local Congregation of Moscow, Russia, Elmer Luminarias, who together with his wife, joined the Buklod category, said in an interview, “We believe that this is a great opportunity to show our talent to inspire the brethren all over the world. [We] promise to our Almighty God that we will always unite and participate in whatever activities launched by the Church Administration.”

Winners are as follows: In CWS category: Jayden Ramirez of Oslo, Norway Congregation sings “We Belong To God.” In Binhi: Alexander Valle of Arlov, Sweden sings “Sacred Promise.” In KADIWA: Milagros Ann Esteves of Copenhagen, Denmark sings “Landas ng Buhay.” And in Buklod: Elmer and Michelle Ann Luminarias of Moscow, Russia sings “Araw ng Kaligtasan ya Malapit Na.” ― With reports from INC News Section