Northern Samar weeklong evangelical mission yields hundreds of new prospective members


Date Posted: May 7, 2021

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From April 19 to 25, 2021, Church Of Christ members from all the local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Samar held a series of evangelical missions, resulting in hundreds of enlightened guests interested about membership in the Church.

Led by the Church officers, brethren brought their guests to their respective houses of worship to listen to the preaching of God’s words by the ministers and ministerial workers in the district.

In addition, through their various social media platforms, they sent their relatives and friends, who are not yet members of the Church, the link of the videoconferencing room enabling them to join even from the confines of their homes the propagational event.

To the guests was shared the teaching of the Bible regarding the exclusive benefits of being a member of the Church Of Christ, one of which is receiving the hope for the promised salvation on Judgment Day.

The biblical truths they learned sparked interest in hundreds of them to know more about the Church by enlisting to receive instruction in Bible doctrines. — With reports from INC News Section