O’Donnell Congregation celebrates 71 years of God’s blessings


Date Posted: May 8, 2023

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“God’s blessings have been evident not only to the entire local congregation but to the individual lives as well of brethren here in O’Donnell.”

Thus said Brother Pedro Castillo, supervising minister of the Ecclesiastical District of Capas, Tarlac, in the Philippines, when he led members of the Local Congregation of O’Donnell in a special gathering on April 11, 2023 as they celebrated and offered thanks to the Lord God for more than seven decades of blessings to their congregation.

Brother Castillo also commended the brethren that through God’s help they remained firm in the faith amid the many challenges they faced.

“This Covid-19 pandemic has been the greatest hurdle in the lives of the brethren here not being able to gather for worship [and say prayers] inside the house of worship,” said Albert Gupelle, head deacon. “Be that as it may, we remain unfazed. We continued putting our trust in what God can do for us,” he added. During lockdowns, as the entire Church did, the O’Donnell brethren conducted household worship services.

The district minister went on to encourage the brethren from O’Donnell Congregation to actively carry on in the Church’s endeavors such as sharing the Good News of salvation with others as they commemorate the 71st anniversary of their congregation.

“I thank the Lord God for the blessings that He bestowed on us and in our local congregation as well,” said Rolly Rodijero, deacon. “I promise to Him that I will continue fulfilling my duties, ever strong in the faith no matter how heavy the trials that I’m going through in this life.”

“We promise to God and to the Church Administration that we will always unite with all the holy endeavors of the Church,” said Brother Junell Pangilinan, resident ministerial worker of the O’Donnell Congregation. “We will remain steadfast in the faith for us to be certain of receiving God’s promised eternal life come Judgment Day.”­ — With reports from Rona Lindo of INC News Section