Online evangelical missions in Calgary district draw many guests


Date Posted: May 31, 2021

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Taking part in the intensive propagation of God’s words launched by the Church Administration, the Ecclesiastical District of Calgary in Canada held a series of online evangelical missions from May 10-17, 2021.

Although the brethren were unable to gather at a house of worship due to Covid-19 restrictions in the province of Alberta, they made use of modern technology and tools available to them so that they could actively participate in the holy endeavor of sharing their faith and inviting more people to listen to the pure gospel.

Through their various social media accounts, they shared the link of the videoconference room to the prospective guests, which they could access on the day of the virtual evangelistic event.

During the study of God’s words led by the district supervising minister, Brother Roland Gaviola, he emphasized on the importance of obeying the words of God written in the Bible, one of which is to enter the Church Of Christ in order to be saved when Judgment Day comes.

Many guests were inspired to hear the truth taught to them. This encouraged them to find out more about the Church and examine further the teachings it upholds and eventually decided to enlist as Bible students. — With reports from INC News Section