Ottawa District taps music for propagation


Date Posted: November 25, 2022

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Brethren from the Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa worked hand in hand to invite guests to the district-wide musical evangelical mission held on October 30, 2022 at the Pierrefonds Comprehensive Community High School auditorium in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Officiated by Brother Jose Razon II, the district supervising minister, the propagation activity was part of the commemoration of the district’s fourth anniversary.


For the benefit of the invitees, he preached a Bible-based lesson about the true Church that Christ the Savior established, which people should join for their salvation from God’s judgment. He presented biblical proofs that that Church is the Iglesia Ni Cristo or Church Of Christ.

After the Bible study, selected brethren from various local congregations and group worship services rendered songs that celebrated the true Christian faith that leads to the promised salvation.

“My wife and I have much joy in our hearts as we share in the district anniversary celebration,” Alfredo Rulloda from the Local Congregation of Capital City said. His wife, Elsie, commented, “We will continue to invite more people to join the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) to receive God’s promised salvation.”

“We are thankful to the Lord God for answering all of our prayers and giving our district triumphs and success in all of the Church’s endeavors,” narrated Brother Razon. “We promise to heed the call of the Church Administration to further intensify the propagational works in our district.”

Brethren from Metro Montreal and Rideau regions, together with their guests, attended the grand event live, while those from the Maritimes witnessed the event through videoconferencing. — With reports from INC News Section