Ottawa District’s CSD spearheads evangelical mission with SL interpretation


Date Posted: October 28, 2022

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Doing their part in the intensified work of propagation, officers in the Christian Society for the Deaf (CSD) in the Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa sponsored an evangelical mission with Sign Language interpretation on October 7, 2022.

Prior to the propagational event, which was officiated by Brother Jose Razon II, district supervising minister, at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Montreal, Quebec, CSD officers invited people, including members of the Deaf community. Brethren from other local congregations in the district also took the opportunity to invite people to the evangelical mission as it was streamed live to their respective houses and places of worship.

In the evangelical mission, Brother Razon taught a Bible-based lesson about what the Lord Jesus teaches that people from all walks of life should do in order to receive the promised salvation. Brother Brian Gallo, a ministerial worker served as Sign Language interpreter.

“This kind of activity allows our brethren to invite their friends and loved ones who have a hard time of hearing or are deaf. The Church Administration leads us in fulfilling what God wants that all people to learn the good news of salvation,” Brother Gallo enthused.

“We hope to communicate with those in the deaf community through Sign Language. We were truly inspired to share our faith with them because we believe that if we do so out of love, they can feel the Lord God’s love for them,” said Brother Razon. — With reports from INC News Section