Ottawa SCAN members undergo earthquake preparedness seminar


Date Posted: July 2, 2022

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Members of the Society of Communicators and Networkers, International (SCAN) from the Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa, in Canada, underwent a seminar on June 10, 2022 to enhance their skills in providing effective emergency responses during earthquakes, starting from their own homes.

The house of worship of the Local Congregation of Montreal served as the main site for the “Earthquake Preparedness & Search and Rescue” seminar, which was attended via videoconferencing by SCAN members from other congregations, from the Greater Montreal to Rideau and Maritime regions.

Edgar Jacob, the SCAN district president, served as the resource speaker. Using a video presentation, he outlined to the participants the standard protocols to be followed whenever a tremblor strikes. He pointed out that the heads of household are expected to teach their family members all about “safe places” or a meeting place where they should head to during emergencies. He also emphasized the need for a go-bag filled with emergency supplies.

Nelson Pineda, SCAN president of the Local Congregation of Beaconsfield, expressed resolve that as soon as he got home, he will guide his family. “I will tell them what I’ve learned through this seminar. This is a big help for me and my family,” he said.

Enric Nicdao, SCAN president of the Local Congregation of Pointe-Claire, said after the seminar, “I feel responsible not just for my family but also for the brethren. I value them, also like a family.” — With reports from INC News Section