Ottawa SCAN members update themselves on basics of disaster preparedness


Date Posted: March 5, 2022

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Members of the Society of Communicators and Networkers, International (SCAN) in the Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa, Canada, attended a webinar on disaster preparedness and emergency response on January 30, 2022. Through the activity, they were able to review the basics of disaster preparedness and also learned new skills on how to remain at the ready in times of emergencies.

During the virtual seminar, having and maintaining complete awareness and readiness for action in any untoward situations, like natural disasters, was emphasized to them. They also received tips on how they can be prepared for such occasions even in their own homes. Brother Gibrl Legaspi, district of the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) led the event.

Through activities of the CFO, such as this refresher course, SCAN members further update and equip their skills to carry out their tasks of maintaining orderliness during Church activities as well as help save people’s lives, especially in times of emergencies. — With reports from INC News Section