Palawan North holds series of baptisms


Date Posted: January 3, 2021

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The Ecclesiastical District of Palawan North’s unity with the Church Administration in intensifying their propagational works proved to be nonstop despite the crisis brought about by the pandemic. Moved by their love for God, Church members continually share their faith to their loved ones, neighbors, and friends who are not yet members of the Church. As a result, they reaped the fruits of their propagation efforts through a series of baptisms.

The first batch of baptism was held on December 18, 2020 while the second was on December 23, 2020. Both sacred occasions were officiated by the district supervising minister, Brother Bright Ballesteros at the house of worship of Sta. Monica Local Congregation.

“The series of baptisms conducted in our district has added more Church members whom will worship our Almighty God. We promise to continue to be of help to the Church Administration in the intensified work of propagation that truly glorifies God,” Brother Eraño Bartolo, minister of the gospel, said in an interview.

Currently, the Church has established three ecclesiastical districts in the province of Palawan. Among them is Palawan North, with its district office situated in the capital city of the province, Puerto Princesa City. Palawan is an archipelagic province in Luzon that consists of more than 1,700 islands on the western border of the Philippines.

Standard health safety protocols were observed on both occasions. – With reports from INC News Section